Treatment of clothing, camping and outdoor gear (off label)

skabi-rid tick clothing

                  Permethrin has been used in the treatment of mosquito nets and clothing to protect against malaria and tick bite fever since its introduction onto the commercial market, especially by the military in America. Due to its resistance against UV rays and favourable side effect profile, it has proven to be a safe and effective way for reducing disease carried by a vector.

Skabi-Rid is an emulsifiable lotion that can be diluted 1:10 with water to create a 0,5% water based permethrin emulsion which can be used for soaking or spraying clothes, bedding and shoes. It has a residual effect that will last for up to two weeks which makes it suitable for treatment of clothing and mosquito nets. Other items for outdoor activities that can be treated (soaked or sprayed) are socks, tents, backpacks and boots.   


How to soak:

  • Treat outerwear only, not underwear.
  • Pour 100ml of Skabi-Rid into one liter of water in a bucket and stir until well mixed
  • Submerge the clothing (or other item) in the mixture until its completely soaked
  • Remove the clothing, dry out by hand and hang out to dry. Wear clothes only once it’s dry
  • Once dry, the clothing will have an insect and tick repelling and killing effect for at least two weeks.

The permethrin 0,5% water emulsion can also be used in a spray bottle to spray clothing and other items. Enough should be sprayed to make the clothing damp and hung out to dry before wearing.

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Note that Skabi-Rid is registered at SAHPRA for the treatment of scabies and not with any other authority for any other indication. The use of Skabi-Rid in any other way than indicated on the package insert is done so at own risk.